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With a focus on individualized attention, professional guidance, and a supportive environment, Prestige Tennis Academy offers a comprehensive and highly beneficial program for players looking to excel in the sport.


Group Coaching

7-12 Year Olds


45 Minutes

Group classes at Prestige Tennis aim to prepare students for squad classes and also competition tennis.

High Performance Camps

All Skill Levels


1 Hour

Prestige Tennis usually run on average 1-2 high performance camps per year bringing elite players from across the state together to train.


All Skill Levels


90 - 150 minutes

We have different squads available for all players based on their standard and overall goals to help them progress to the next level.

Private Lessons

All ages / Standard


30 - 90 min

Private lessons cater to players of all ages and standards, with specialized coaches for each stage of their tennis journey.

Hitting Sessions

All ages and standards


30 - 90 minutes

Our specialized hitting sessions at the academy elevate players' skills and game.

Adult Hybrid / Cardio Sessions

All skill levels


60 mins

Our Cardio/hybrid sessions are designed to give adults a great experience of tennis regardless of their level, the classes cycle each week.

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