Prestige Tennis Academy


"To make our Club one of the hubs of our local community where individuals of all ages, backgrounds and ability levels can enjoy the physical ,psychological and social benefits that tennis has to offer"



  • To exhibit the ultimate level of professionalism & coaching expertise in all areas of our service
  • Foster personal development & growth and to prioritise this just as highly as developing tennis related skills
  • To encourage enjoyment, positivity and participation at all levels within our programs.
  • To be the industry leader in inclusiveness & diversity. Tennis is the ultimate life sport which we want to make fully accessible to ALL.

We look forward to being a part of your tennis journey regardless of whether you are a complete beginner trying the sport for the first time or an aspiring professional player


RED BALL HOT SHOTS (30 or 45 minute classes)

Prestige Tennis Academy's red ball hot shots program is designed for Primary School students aged between 4 and 8 years of age. Endorsed by Tennis Australia it is the perfect starting point for young tennis players with little or no tennis experience.. The core focus is on developing fundamental and perceptual motor skills and learning the basic strokes for tennis (forehands,backhands,volleys and mini serves) in a fun and positive learning environment. Students use a 19 or 21 inch sized tennis racquet and play on a mini tennis court with a mini net and use Red compression tennis balls (25% compression). This makes the tennis achievable and fun for each individual and there is a big emphasis on games and teamwork as well as social interaction.

ORANGE BALL HOT SHOTS (45 minute classes)

Prestige Tennis Academy's orange ball hot shots program is the next step up from the red ball program. This program is aimed again at Primary school students aged between 8 and 10 years of age. The core focus is on enhancing fundamental and perceptual motor skills developed in the red stage as well as advancing each players stroke production. More emphasis is also placed on movement skills as well as rallying skills in a controlled environment where success can be achieved. Serve and return also starts to play a bigger part in the sessions as well as match play. Students in this stage use a 23 or 25 inch tennis racquet as well as an Orange compression ball (50% compression) The court used is 3/4 the size of a full tennis court.

GREEN BALL HOT SHOTS (45 minute classes)

Prestige Tennis Academy's Green Ball Hot Shots program is generally for players aged between 9 and 11 years of age and is all about providing a stepping stone into playing tennis on a full size court with full compression balls. In this stage there is also a big emphasis on preparing players for competition tennis in the near future. Stroke production and movement skills are further developed and advanced and players start to develop tactical nous and strategies for both Singles and Doubles. Serving is again a key component and students start to develop variety and differentiate between a first and a second serve. The court size for this stage is full size, the students use a 26 or 27 inch racquet and the ball is a Green compression ball (75% compression)

PRESTIGE GROUP CLASS (45 minute classes)

Prestige Group classes are designed for those who have progressed through the Hot Shots program and are now ready for tennis on a full size court with full compression balls. Any student above the age of 9 is eligible for this program. These students are generally on the verge of playing competition tennis or already playing beginner level competition tennis. Once again there is a huge focus on further developing sound technical fundamentals and movement patterns as well as developing tactical awareness. The aim is for all of these students to be able to Serve, Rally and Score.


Prestige Performance squads are something that all players within the coaching program can aspire towards. This is for the serious competition/tournament level player and is all about taking your tennis to the next level. Entry to these squads is by invitation only from head coach Lachlan Gotz. Players are educated on the different elements that need to be focused on to ensure peak performance which include Technical skills, tactical nous, physical fitness and movements skills as well as touching on the mental side of the game. Players are also advised on nutrition and match preparation as well as tournament scheduling. Players in these squads are expected to exhibit 'elite behaviour' at all times and be self motivated and dedicated to self improvement. There are two levels of Prestige Performance squads. The challenger squad is for players playing D & C grade comp and the Pro squad is for those playing B grade competition and above.

CARDIO TENNIS/ADULT CLASSES (60 minute sessions)

These sessions are suitable for all players aged 18 years and over. Cardio tennis is a revolutionary program endorsed by Tennis Australia that is designed to be a fun and social alternative to going to the gym. Cardio tennis caters to all ages and more importantly all standards. It provides a great mixture of tennis and fitness related activities and is sure to get the endorphins flowing. All drills are high intensity and accompanied by workout music. At Prestige Tennis Academy we run a hybrid program for Adults with elements of Cardio tennis combined with traditional coaching and drills which focus on skill development.

1 on 1 HITTING WORKOUTS aka sparring sessions

These workouts are designed for competitive level players who are looking to take their game to the next level. The coach will provide 'live ball drilling' and point play with tactical advice and high intensity tennis related fitness drills. These sessions are especially valuable for those players playing competition and tournaments.


More information to come.


Private lessons are a perfect add on to group/hot shots classes or on their own. These sessions can be catered to every individuals wants and needs. These sessions can be done weekly or sporadically. The focus for these sessions is developing 'world class technique' as well as 'high gear footwork' and movement patterns. The individual attention is paramount to maximising potential and a great way to accelerate progress. Please contact Lachlan for more information on this program and how it can benefit your game.



Lachlan is a Tennis Australia Club professional certified coach with over 13 years coaching experience both in Australia and abroad. Specialising in tennis biomechanics as well as technical development, Lachlan's greatest strength is his ability to tailor his knowledge suitable to each age group or level of student. Understanding that the modern game is constantly evolving, Lachlan keeps up to date with the latest trends by constantly studying the best players in the world as well as being an active participant in Tennis Australia & Victoria professional development programs. Players from all over the state travel to train under Lachlan's supervision thanks to the growing reputation of Prestige Tennis Academy as one of the leading Academies in the state.


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